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Sustainability has moved beyond green. It's evolving- and people’s consciousness along with it. It’s more than just about the fate of our planet - a new movement is upon us. One that encompasses a broad range of human aspirations and fosters a natural planetary balance, and that balance is Blue.

If Blue is the new Green - then "Good" is our new spot-worthy mission.

Green is about the environment, but Blue is bigger - it's about the planet and the happiness of the people that live upon it. Blue is about good.

We’re obsessed with the thrill of the ethical find.

Good is about consuming with a conscience...You can make a difference in our world through the people and products that touch your life - the axis of the blue movement. And we at Ecocentric Guide are obsessed with the thrill of that ethical find. Let us be your discovery guide for everything innovative-eco-fresh, indie-local, uber-sexy sustainable, and grassroots-genius good. We’re uncovering the obscure and the brilliant, bringing light to the good-ness genesis and exposing the dark corners of the consciouslifestyle universe. We're promoting the positive purchase and encouraging you to be a change agent... Harness your buying power by choosing to support ethical business.

Be ethically-inspired.

Support the homegrown heroes.

Big up the backyardrevolutionaries.

Dig on a toxin-free perspective.

Plug into the ecoindiegoodnesscollective.

Get good.

about EcocentricGudie

a 'voice for the little (green)guy'. ECG hatched way back before the verge of the eco-explosion.  Consistently striving to serveup the best in deeply original, ethically-minded goodness from our often underappreciated, independent homegrown heroes.

sharing the thrill of the ethical find - since '08

a wordy- celebration of conscious & mindful innovators in the Canadian eco-sphere, ECG's been surfing the wave from the green ecolution,  to the blue ethicalution, & our advocacy for conscious consumerism stands strong.

"a voice for the good-guy" ECG continues to evolve as a prime appreciator, instigator & supporter of the grassroots movements that are fueling social change.

Happy instigators of grassrootsgoodness movements such as; 416- Show some Local Love and Be Happy Toronto; We're the Pioneer supporters of Canadian Ethical Indie culture, we remain stoked on delivering the mindful, the conscious, the real local love.

DISCLAIMER: all featured content on Ecocentric Guide is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers and directly reflects only the opinions and perceptions the of the EcocentricGuide crew.

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