Fueling the Ecolution -

p u b l i s h e r

Mary generates the power of unrivalled passion, pioneering strategy and fervent momentum into EcocentricGuide. Armed with an eagle-eye for trends, distilled from a diverse background in marketing - both from agency and client side; This wind harnesses the swell of a movement before its wave crashes the shores of general popularity. Not only is she the guiding force in our mission, she’s also undeniably a force unto herself. Vortex of eco-energy and channeler of innovation - she’s farsighted, incisive and is consistently inspiring us with a passion for unearthing the niche and the esoteric. Lucky for us a touch of diva evens out the intensity of this breeze.

Some Ecocentric Favs: Dressler Bros, Hempen Stuff, Read My Hips, ConsonantFabricawakuwaku

Random tidbit: Georgio is the irie-guru of all things marketing, THE encyclopedia for reggae musicology, instigator of 3pm sugar-feasts, and also handcrafts some of the lovliest artisan chandeliers ever to be hung from a ceiling... check em here:

get at her: mary-at-ecocentricguide.ca

c r e a t i v e  d i r e c t o r

Rachelle brings the creative heat to all that is EcocentricGuide. A free-spirited, unabashed truth seeker and an ever-evolving enigma... Inspired by diverse, multi-disciplined experience & fueled by an ardent spirit- organically grown and artistically honed - fire bred the harvest of our fresh eco-image. Innovation drives the eco-stylings of our creative touchstone; With the heart of a philosopher and the mind of a scientist, everything is an intricate artistic discovery. She creates with consciousness and conviction and refuses to settle for mediocrity. Hey go ahead, call her a snob. She likes that.

Some Ecocentric Favs: Hempen Stuff, Durant, The Orphans, Treehouses by Greenwood

R.andom tidbit: Often Fondly refferred to as the 'paradigm busting vixen' R. is a multi-faceted a.rt in motion tangent-taker.. she enjoys daily headstands, barefoot grassy frolics and also crafts some seriously-supercharged charged artisan energy jewlery- peep it here: 

get at her: rachelle-at-ecocentricguide.ca

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