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4-16 2014 - Local Love Day Turns Four!

Torontonians, show some Local Love on 4-16! ah, Local Love Day... comin' up on its forth year, and we are feeling just as happy about the notion that our wee little not-for-profit initiative......
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Shifting the paradigm, Vitamins with a purpose.

It's not very often we cover this type of product, the vitamin and supplement marketplace is a massive never-changing beast, a saturated proposition with so much of the same, thus finding something th......
local love day, 416 local love, local love, shop local, shop small, local business, toronto small business, shop local toronto

4-16 2013, Local love day turns three

Torontonians, show some Local Love on 4-16!ah, Local Love Day... comin' up on its third year, and we are feeling just as shiny, happy, about the notion that our wee-little not-for-profit initiative s......

Turning Inspiration into Action

Toronto, something big is brewing this spring and its going to be beautiful, momentous, poetic, musical, and empowering on a whole other level.are you ready to stop asking:“Can I as just one person ......
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Show Some Local Love - Parkdale

Just when you thought the goodness on Queen Street West couldn’t spread any further west, it did. But it was a slow stealth operation, and this quiet revolution is called Parkdale.Once an area rif......
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On Fertile Ground with One of Toronto Most-Trusted Sisters

"I can't imagine a better possible career than serving as a travel companion to other women on their paths to healing.”Uterus lover Amy Sedgwick is a registered Occupational Therapist providing serv......
Posted 2010-06-15 12:56:39

Funk-tional Style

Humble roots make for great stories and there have been no shortcuts or easy roads for Nomads Hemp Wear founders Louis and Anik. Nomads creates clothes for everday people who want to make a difference......
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A Heart On For Queen West

Last stop on our Local Love Day Tour is Queen St. W, courtesy of our fav Queenista Daphne  Gordon who makes it her mission to <3 her some Queen Street on the daily. Check out her bloggood......

Adventures in Kensington

Next up on our 4-16 tour is our beloved Kensington Market. The most vibrant fivesquareblocks in the city - it's a street-fair affair every day of the week. True to its original roots as an open......
Posted 2010-08-09 15:00:31
Billy Would Designs, sustainable belt buckles, upcycled, ecofriendly

Badass Buckle Up

Nothing renders an outfit more badass than a killer belt buckle.Plenty of us are making style statements with a little bit of hip bling, but with Billy Would Designs you make more than just a fashion ......
Posted 2010-04-27 20:57:29
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Bartering For a Greener Future

Excuse the cliché, but one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure… and a welcome alternative to modern consumerism - especially in times of economic and environmental challenge.Given that......
Posted 2010-06-15 18:22:37
Bella balm, organic lip balm

Fellow Lip Balm Junkies Rejoice

Fellow lip balm junkies... what's more to say about something we slather on our lips to create that lusty/yummy/deliciously kissable eco-pout except maybe can we get something less toxic and more tast......
Posted 2010-06-15 18:12:12
Ekko environmentally friendly art

Natural Works of Art

Ekko Art is the lovechild of Lindsay Perry and Anna Bianchini who met serendipitously while attending a university course abroad, quickly connecting through a shared passion for art, the environment a......
Posted 2010-06-23 19:03:59
Tashodi Fair Trade Organic Body Care

Globally Conscious Self Indulgence

A single shopping experience won't change the world....or will it? Tashodi, an indie organic bodycare brand with a fairtrade focus is moving to prove that it can.  With the fast-paced lifestyle w......