Articles for the month of July

Posted 2010-07-24 20:27:20
wes misener, ethical sweatshop-free mens wear organic

A Special Briefing

Discovering this Canadian made, sustainable, sweatshop free men's line made us... downright sweaty. WES MiSENER manufactures all it's sexiness in an ethical, sweatshop free environment, using only t......
Posted 2010-04-26 15:09:00
Organelle, repurposing, eco design

Beautiful Junk

There’s so much beauty in found objects and Alex and Courtney from Organelle are manifesting it for us all to groove on. Organelle is a small, indie design studio based in Vancouver, BC that designs......
Posted 2010-08-09 13:02:18
pure fun organic candy, vegan, kosher, nonGMO

Pure Fun

Admittedly we had a massive 3pm sugar crash whilst discovering this - Pure Fun comin at ya with pure yumminess of the likes of nature's Go Goji Berry, Ginger Spice, Raging Raspberry, Giddy Green Apple......
Posted 2010-07-24 01:53:25
Lady Marmalade organic cafe, matt durant, carla and david cherry

Voulez Vous Manger Avec Moi?

Lady Marmalade may have made her journey from the west coast, but with her vintage, artsy décor and laid back vibe, she fits nicely into her new Queen St. East ‘hood.The walls are adorned with loca......
Posted 2010-06-23 17:52:08
The Living Centre

Experience an Eco Awakening

Somewhere deep in the rolling countryside between Toronto and London, the ecolution is in motion… consciousness is evolving and eco-spiritual discoveries are being forged. We wanted to write about ......
Posted 2010-06-15 14:13:03
Propellor sustainable lighting

Artful Illumination

OK. So we are totally turned on by Propellor’s lighting… This Vancouver-based design studio’s aesthetic evolved from sustainable ideologies and not only are they innovative, but are crazy whimsi......
Posted 2010-06-23 17:56:42
HEIKO natural skincare

Here Comes the Sun

Dudes, we feel ya. It’s July… and summer has only just poked her head around the corner. But those official weather diviners out there are telling us she’s on her way this week…  giving u......
Posted 2010-07-02 18:27:59
Mona Eco-Cleaning

Detox Your Life. Refresh Your Home. Reinvent Your Workplace.

With the slew of eco, green and enviro cleaning service options now available in the marketplace, it begs to question – what precisely differentiates one eco-cleaner from another? We sat down with M......
Posted 2010-06-23 17:58:41
Phat Baby Wraps

Wrap it up Baby

Alongside the excitement and the joys of having a newborn also come a new set of challenges… and one of them is managing your life without two hands. Deanna Gibson, mother of two, found she couldn......
Posted 2010-06-15 13:11:04
Lav & Kush organic eco-fashion


Eco-clothier Lav & Kush take their love for mother earth from mythology to modernity... Lav & Kush takes its roots from the Hindu story of the demigods Lav and Kush, (born to lord Ram and thei......
Posted 2010-06-23 18:06:31
The Fairmont Royal York rooftop garden


Tucked away amidst the skyscrapers of downtown Toronto lays a secret garden… Under the umbrella of the surrounding bank towers and above the Bay Street bustle, bees are busy cultivating their golden......