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brown bag bliss

Like so many of us entrepreneurs what drives us to break free of the grind is a combination plate of equal parts weariness, complacency, boredom and ambition - all adding up to a veritable pupuplatter......
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How to Face the Mess We're in Without Going Crazy

WARNING: this might be a long read; but we're passionate about this one :)The ecolution, the renaissance in human consciousness, the shift, the seventh generation mind, a world becoming blue. Or ......

Food for Thought

Mmmm, the universe is tasty. Especially so when it's wisdom comes wrapped in organic goodness. Awakenings enveloped in a tasty cookie...This fresh artisan twist on a tasty Asian tradition i......

Smell the Bouquet... and the BS a Mile Away

Just when you've done enough yawning over the slew of same-ol' same-ol'  events and fundraising galas... along comes Environmental Defence, with a fresh kick in the pants for the tired old benefi......
Posted 2010-07-02 18:49:50

Fueling the Ecolution

p u b l i s h e rMary generates the power of unrivalled passion, pioneering strategy and fervent momentum into EcocentricGuide. Armed with an eagle-eye for trends, distilled from a diverse backgr......
Posted 2010-08-09 14:53:26
be the change, human summit, ghandi, meditation, mass meditation, g20, g20 toronto

The Sound of Change Echoes in Silence

Hit the beaches this weekend...The Human Summit is taking on a momentum all its own... as Canada, and cities around the globe, will join in a Mass Meditation coinciding with the G20 Summit.On Sunday, ......
Posted 2010-06-10 15:25:00
Sweet Summer Gala, Regenesis, Sweet Hair and Spa, dAve Fellows, Dani Crosby, Mark Lapinski, Troy Jackson, Nicholas Murray, Rosina Kazi, Cathy Elliot

Sweet Summer Goodness

Looking for something sweet to do in T.O. this weekend? Regenesis and Sweet Hair and Spa are teaming up to throw the most artistically dynamic Art Gala party of the year.(weeee!)For those not in-the-k......
Posted 2010-04-12 15:11:00
living libations, superfood, raw, vegan, organic, chocolate

The Love-Child of Willy Wonka & Mary Poppins

Tucked up amidst lush forest in the banks of a pristine private lake in Haliburton reside two of nature’s most seeming interesting creations. Raw foodists Ron and Nadine who infuse everything they c......
Posted 2010-05-13 15:12:00
Pi'lo, eco, kids toys, handmade, upcycling

An Oasis of Whimsy

As parents we've all been saturated with the abundance of primary colours, rigid surfaces, and loud noises associated with most kids toys nowadays. So we made it our mission to find an oasis In the mi......
Posted 2010-05-27 15:16:00
eco, indie, kids, sustainable, reclaimed, vintage, organic, recycled, handmade, ethical

It's in the Effin Bag Kids

Like most girls (and some boys) we love a good bag. Give us a glorious menagerie of wearable carryables-No doubt we’ll find mad-miscellany to fill ‘em with. Why ought our wee ones be any exception......
Posted 2010-08-09 15:04:23
Hempen Stuff, hemp, soap, handmade, essential oils, carrot common

Just Give 'em Some Truth.

Father's Day is around the corner and we can't think of a better gift to give dad then some Sublime Truth. Or maybe a whiff of a Forest Garden, or just let them know that they're your Hero...Dudes, He......
Posted 2010-05-10 15:14:00
missoka, re-purposeful design, salvage saints, upcycled jewelry, sustainable design

Salvage Saints

Ever wonder what happens to discarded electronic components? Are you puzzled by the fate of old typewriters? Perhaps you wonder where all those lost Scrabble tiles end up? One place might be adorning ......
Posted 2010-06-24 15:09:00

I Am Love

Impossible not to adore a clothing line with the mantra ‘I am love’ hand-stitched in to every piece... This positive affirmation stems from the philosophy of the award winning Nicole Bridger brand......
Posted 2010-05-02 13:59:00
Amaravati, organic skin care, aromatherapy oils, oily skin serum

Summertime Shine Buster

Get ready peeps, the exploding green out there only serves to remind us that it's almost time to put away those heavy winter skin quenchers, and start looking to some summertime shine busters.We all k......
Posted 2010-06-08 15:15:00
The Generation, vegan sustainable footwear

Indie Foot Fetish

Long and fettered by adoration has been our relationship with shoes... even longer seems the road we've walked in search of stellar, sustainable, homespun eco-treats for the feet. Finally! The Generat......
Posted 2010-06-23 18:21:14
Vysada Ayurvedic Skin Care

Science Meets Nature - It's a Beautiful Thing

Turmeric and willow bark? Massaging your face? Tap into 5000 years of sacred science with a full bodied approach to wellness. Beauty truly does begin from the inside out, and innovative skincare line ......
Posted 2010-06-23 19:02:18
Fidoodle kids toys


Fidoodle® is a homegrown facilitator of dreams… of clever storytelling. Weaving wonders in the form of their avant-garde artful objects, that are fabricated by fantasy, myth and classic fairytale.&......
Posted 2010-08-09 13:06:28
Credo Bags, reusable bags, eco

Boost Your Credo-bility

It’s All About CredWe know, the eco-warrior that you are, that you’ve been outfitted with reusable bags waay before the stores started asking 5 cents for plastics. Like us, you probably have a sto......
Posted 2010-06-23 18:58:17
Rowe Farms

Greener Grillin'

Warning to vegetarians and vegans – cover your eyes… seriously. Don’t judge, we still love and honour animals. But we respect that there are those of you who love a good steak on the barbie - an......
Posted 2010-06-15 18:46:01
Buff Nail salon

In The Buff

Finally its heatin' up out there - and we know you're dying to set those feet free... after a long, thermal sock protected winter, its time to expose those sun shy babies to the light and don our belo......
Posted 2010-06-23 18:58:57
Leslieville Tree Festival

Leslieville Tree Festival

Leslieville’s eco-friendly past... and present Leslieville is out to prove they are the greenest community in Toronto. On Saturday June 20th the Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF)......
Posted 2010-06-15 14:14:35
EcoCut Services

A Cut Above

A Greener World Starts in Your Own BackyardSummer's in swing folks and okay; let’s be honest, we are all suckers for a well manicured lawn… that lush looking green grass that you just want to......
Posted 2010-06-15 13:23:09
deux fm swimwear

Warm Weather Wears

The weather’s heatin' up around the country…and it ain't (all) global warming folks. Another swimsuit season is upon us and what better way to beat the heat than in a bikini you can feel good......
Posted 2010-06-15 13:19:23
lilë design scarves

Wrapped in Goodness

With scarves making a huge comeback, we went in search of options to meet our ecocentric-ideal : marrying style with sustainability... and we found lilë design- the new kid on the eco-block, wit......