Articles for the month of November

Lisa Borden, Borden Communications, Gift Guide

Lisa Borden's 5 Great Tips for Changing the Present

Instead of careening madly around stores desperately purchasing gifts this holiday season (translation: possibly useless stuff that is not needed or wanted), make the getting and giving of gifts smart......
Body Butter, wildcrafted, locally made, Sigrid's Naturals, Organic4Nature, Amarvati

Butter Me Up

With the change of season comes the necessary swap of skin care regimes… Our summer sun-kissed skin is now more like pale, pasty and parched, desperately crying out for thirst like the Hoff hankeri......

Lusting After Community's Ethic

Yep, it's not often you’ll find us writing about a store that you’d actually find in a mall (yes we used that 4-letter-word). Don't judge yet, hear us out... On the hunt for planet friendly......
Posted 2010-06-15 14:02:29
eco chic shack, decor, sustainable, green design design

Diggin the Eco-DIY

From design shows, to home style books, and decor magazines... it's pretty evident that we all want ourselves some stylin' digs... and we want 'em our way. Today, that means style plus sustainability.......
Posted 2010-06-23 13:07:20
One of a Kind Show, Toronto, ecofriendly finds, skin care, handbags, toys, decor

A Unique Proposition

When it comes to style, its important to be an individual... a true original. A unique star. Unfortunately given demand and economies of scale, retail giants out there are mass-producing style for the......
Posted 2010-06-15 13:00:14
Jack & Marjorie, upcycled handbags, recycled materials

Soldier of Style

We just love upcycled creations – new incarnations that come to us with a story, a narrative, and a history.  And it was history itself that inspired Jack & Marjorie to create a line of bag......
Posted 2010-06-23 13:08:26
lil bean and green, organic cafe, play place, kids, babies, fairtrade coffee

New Beans on the Block

Like many of the newly gentrified neighbourhoods in TO, Leslieville has become a booming area for young (hip) families. Brimming with local artisan flavour, it's indie-eclectic, community focused (hey......
Posted 2010-06-23 13:14:35
schelle's sweets, catering, organic bakery

Organic Opulence

Yep. The hectic entertaining season is quickly sneaking up on us… (seriously, what happened to summer???) rather than stress over the upcoming (and inevitable) indulging, just go with it….enjoy :)......
Posted 2010-06-23 13:19:10
eco-fashion, R4, STEP

Fashion R4volution

While not traditionally considered a big player in the game of global environmental issues or sustainable technology – the fashion industry is doing its own part in the eco-universe to make us fashi......
Posted 2010-06-23 13:15:37
consonant body, organic skin care, foaming face wash, moisturizing face cream

Pure Organic Luxury

Our friends at Consonant Body continue to wow us with their luscious, ultra-pure creations; Yes, we’ve said it before but it never hurts to recount our obsession with products that truly define orga......
Posted 2009-12-09 23:51:03
ecoPERKS, contest, prize, ecocessories, jewelrly

November's ecoPERKS Prize!

Hey ecolutionaries, here's the goods on November's ecoPERKS program prize...  ecoPERKS is our way of saying big thanks to you, our eco-tribe, for being part of our community!  Givin' b......
Posted 2010-06-15 14:04:42
soon cho, lighting, art, textiles, interior design show

Of Plastic Reborn

How many ways can plastic be transformed...? It's infinite. If you’re looking for something truly unique to add statement to your décor then have a look at Soon Cho’s sustainable and chic creati......